About xThink

xThink, Inc. was founded by developers in Round Rock, Texas and Wolgast, Germany to develop intelligent problem solvers. In our first breakthrough, we enabled customers to write and solve math problems with a stylus on a Windows Tablet PC, including rich graphical visualizations. Our products generated special interest in high schools, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning around the world.

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xThink, learning deeply since 2003.

xThink Calculator

xThink entered the marketplace in 2003 with xThink Calculator. The calculator quickly became an essential tool for users of the Windows Tablet PC. So much so that several OEM manufacturers licensed xThink software to include with the sales of their Tablet PCs.

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xThink MathJournal

xThink MathJournal was long xThink’s flagship product for the Tablet PC. Microsoft summed it up as follows in their 2005 “Innovation Starts Here” pamphlet: “With extraordinary symbol identification and two-dimensional recognition capabilities, the solutions [xThink Calculator and MathJournal] offer a more natural way to do math computations.”

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