MathJournal- Interactive Journal for Math

MathJournal is an interactive program for the Tablet PC that provides a natural and intuitive environment for solving mathematical and engineering problems.

MathJournal recognizes handwritten mathematical expressions, and then displays a list of relevant solution types to the user. Whenever possible MathJournal gives the option to plot an expression.

MathJournal comes in two editions: MathJournal and MathJournal Classic.

Students and professionals benefit from using MathJournal:
Math students deepen their understanding by displaying graphical, numerical, and symbolic solutions for their work.
Engineers and scientists are freed to do a wide range of PC-based number-crunching and design with only a pen and a tablet.

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xThink, learning deeply since 2003.

MathJournal: The Mission

Already with its first release, MathJournal was fluent in the broad fundamentals of math, such as, arithmetic, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, topology, and dynamic systems.

As always, xThink's products remove barriers (especially the computer keyboard) from the creative work of mathematicians, researchers, and engineers. Some MathJournal customers have to practice writing more clearly and carefully, especially with complex constructs. But most users quickly get to their work, researching and experimenting in math or applied math. They skip the task of learning keyboard syntax and menu options.

Future mathematicians, researchers, and engineers (today's students) use MathJournal to explore and experiment with math directly. With MathJournal, the focus quickly becomes experimenting with mathematics, not learning software keystrokes, button clicks, and menu selections.

One incident from a MathJournal usability test session illustrates the point. Our test subject, Alison, asked whether she could carry the tablet over to the sofa to perform her tasks. Alison curled up on the sofa, intently working through her list of problems. She seemed to forget that she was using a computer and simply focused on the math.

Pen-based mathematics in MathJournal reduces distractions. This simplicity is more than a convenience; it frees the mind to concentrate on and ponder the "language of the universe."

This is xThink's hope and intention for MathJournal.

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